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The subscription period runs from beginning of June to end of May. You are able to join mid-year and the cost is reduced to be reflective of the months left in the subscription period.

Membership Type and Options (PLEASE SELECT ONE)
Type Annual Total Fee to End of Subscription Period Monthly Fee
1 single adult
Married or co-habiting
2 adults plus up to 3 children. Includes 1 junior only fee for capitation
Student in full time education. 75% capitation.
16 years and under. 60% capitation.

Members can also purchase England Squash membership which gives to £10 million of public liability and personal accident cover plus additional benefits. Members wishing to play team squash must purchase this directly with England Squash.

For new members; please note that a small refundable deposit is required for building access (£25 for a key and £10 for a fob)

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I hereby apply for membership to Nunthorpe Squash Club. If elected, I agree to abide by the Club rules.
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